Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it is the most fun. I love playing dress up (perhaps a secret underlying factor in becoming a sociocultural anthropologist?) and I love ritual, so I am all about October 31st. This year though, on Saturday when all my undergraduate neighbors were out throwing their red plastic beer cups at my car*, I was in working on a grant. And tonight, the big night, I’ll do the same.

But will I let that sway my Halloween spirit? Absolutely not! I’ve tucked my black corduroys into high black boots, put on a loose black shirt, tied a black pajama shirt around my head and I am sitting on my couch, with all my grants drafts open, Dread Pirate Roberts-ing it up.

Sometimes, a lady’s just got to dress like a pirate and write some grants.

* The great drifts of red cups that emerge after party nights in a college town are like a form of weather all their own, in my opinion.


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