Thank you gifts for my committee

Even though I disappeared after a somewhat desperate sounding post, I did, in fact, pass comps and now I want to thank my committee for all their hard work. But what to do?

academics_anon gives some interesting ideas (letter of reference for a junior faculty member, cookies, a CD mix), and I think a friend of mine hit just the right note with his thank you notes and special pens from the Art Store. But what I really want to give my committee is T-shirts.

It would be a win-win, you see, because the proceeds from the Culturally Awkward T-shirt Store go to my dept’s grad student organization (or they will if there’s ever enough money to send it), and I designed the t-shirts, so it’s almost like it’s personal. Of course, I’d need some money first …

Any advice? Have you ever given anything to a committee member?

2 thoughts on “Thank you gifts for my committee

  1. Congratulations on passing your comps! I never got anything for my committee members (or people who wrote me recommendations), and I’m always bemused when students give me things for doing my job. But if you really want to give a gift, cookies are rarely amiss. I’ve also received a gift card to a local bookstore, always a welcome presentor an academic.

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